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Restricting College Tuition Rates - 1241 Words

Restricting College Tuition Rates Emily A. Fickes Maranatha Baptist University The Government Must Restrict College Tuition Rates In America over the past decade, college tuition prices have gone through the roof. Many Americans today suffer with incredibly high debt, or they fear that they will not be able to pay off their debt, resulting in fewer people wanting to continue their education. Without citizens getting a higher education, America would be uneducated, which would result in America becoming neurologically nullified. Sarah Amandalore (2014), writer for the Los Angeles Times states in her article â€Å"The student loan crisis: How middle-class kids get hammered†, ‘The Delta Cost Project’ at American Institutes for Research examined rising college costs and concluded that, in recent years, a combination of state funding cuts, overspending by research universities and decreased donations have led to tuition spikes at both public and private schools† (pg. 1). When lower-income families are faced with these problems, it makes getting a higher education hard to reach. With a highe r education, more life and job opportunities become available. By the government putting a limit on the amount colleges could raise their tuition, more people may opt to get a higher education. The fear of being in debt makes the idea of a higher education less valuable to many people. The government should restrict the tuition amount chargedShow MoreRelatedIncreasing Tuition Costs For College1624 Words   |  7 Pages â€Æ' Increasing Tuition Costs College degrees are becoming ever more a standard in my industries, just to get into the door with certain companies. Even when degrees might not be required to get a decent job, marketing can take over and make you think that you need to get a college degree or you won’t land that dream job. Brill states that on the average, we are continually reminded, the earnings of college graduates are substantially higher than those who have obtained no more than a high schoolRead MoreThe Future Of Higher Education1670 Words   |  7 Pageswill be the researcher’s predictions for the following: 1. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) 2. Accessibility 3. Tenure 4. Sexual Assault on College Campuses 5. Arts and Humanities in Higher Education 6. Student Loan Debt 7. Alcohol Abuse in Greek Organization 8. State Appropriations 9. Undocumented Immigration 10. Suicide among university and college students This researcher will state a prediction regarding each issue addressed, and provide citations of verification from other researchersRead MoreThe Vicious Cycle Of Student Loans1576 Words   |  7 Pagesdollars and are still on going. It would take the United States hundred-fifty years, twenty million dollars a day to fully cover this national debt. Student loans are intended for students to go to college but they come with a rising social and economic cost. As the expectancy of high return and tuition are increasing, more students are ending up with a mountain of debt and without a degree. It is risking our countries’ future; we will face another recession if the trend of student loans continuesRead MoreWhy Students Should Not Be A College Education Essay1280 Words   |  6 Pages â€Å"I went to college because it was what I thought I was supposed to do†, is something that is often heard from students when they are asked why they went to college. Society has predefine d a direction in life for human beings that is believed to be the mantra for success. A student typically goes from high school to a college and further after college takes up a job. It hardly comes as a surprise as to why students fail to attach a reason to pursue a college education, as every student is expectedRead MoreThe Rise Of College Tuition2217 Words   |  9 PagesProposed topic: The Rise of College Tuition, Our Freedom of Choice and Fairness. Introduction: College rising tuition is currently the hottest topics debated by political and social interest’s groups who pretty much understand that if this is not fixed soon, it will have long damaging effects on our convalescent economy. It is important to be reminded that college education play a tremendous multiplier role in our economy that holds more the 50% of college graduates. (College Has Been Oversold by AlexRead MoreShould College Athletes Be Paid?1739 Words   |  7 PagesCollege entertainment has become more widely known in today’s society. College athletes these days are bigger and stronger than there were in the past. Knowing a former athlete one might say that most people do not realize the pressure and stress college athletes face every day. College athletes, being the size they are today, make a more high risk of injury. They play a great role in university revenues depending on their performance. Sports also play a great role in our economy such as theRead MoreIs College Really Worth It?967 Words   |  4 PagesSo, Is college really worth it? About a generation ago getting a college education was born out of the pursuit of knowledge, but now it has become a competition for students to get into the most accredited University right after they are handed their high school diploma. College tuition has become so expensive in the last ten years that people are now debating whether or not college it is worth pursuing right out of high school. A college education is what the student makes out of it, and if theyRead MoreThe Issue Of The Student Loan Crisis1762 Words   |  8 Pagesaverage college graduate owes thirty-seven thousand dollars in loans (Glum). As a whole, Americans owe a grand total of 1.3 trillion dollars. These are figures that grow every year, and worse, the number of people who are defaulting on their payments grows as well. The issue of the student loan crisis is serious, which is why potential solutions are now being discussed. Presidential candidates for the election of 2016 have discussed solutions that range from Hillary Clinton’s debt-free college planRead MoreCollege Athletes Are Being Consumed By The World Of College Athletics1468 Words   |  6 PagesAmericans have become consumed by the world of college athletics. This excitement can be seen all around us. Here at the University of Florida, we experience the energy of division I college sports every day. Whether we choose to participate on football game days, wear Gator athletic apparel, or make conversation every day revolving around topics such as â€Å"Tebow’s non-existent NFL career† or â€Å"that one basketball player that kept us out of the championship†, the star athletes of our universities becomeRead MoreHuman Resource Practices With Business Goals1363 Words   |  6 Pagesbusiness environment innovation is key to the success of a company. This is why it is important when aligning business goals to factor in a well round compensation system. For example, in my experience a well-rounded plan t hat contain benefits such as tuition reimbursement tends to keep high quality employees around because it show that the company value development. For one thing, such a plan leads to increased cost for a company which can start to cut into profitability. Nonetheless, the exceptional

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