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Creating Spiritual and Psychological Resilience Anger Management

Question: Describe about the Creating Spiritual and Psychological Resilience Anger Management? Answer: In which 2 ways can anger be characterized? Anger can be characterized in two ways as Sinful- Commented Avtgis and Rancer (2010) sinful is a type of anger which should be avoided. If a person expresses sinful anger type he or she may lose the control. This later on can affect its life or work. As commented by Bhave and Saini (2009) sinful type of anger can be expressed by one in close place. So that no one gets hurt by it. Freeing- As stated by Black (2011) freeing is a type of anger which should be expressed by one. Non expression of anger can harm human being body. Everyone has right to express their feelings and emotion, but in a correct way. So that no one get hurt from their activity. What often occurs when a person is in possession of the facts regarding anger? Commented Avtgis and Rancer (2010) when a person is in control of facts regarding their angry, they do not know what they are speaking. The activities which they are performing can harm them, but they are unknown to it. As stated by Brenner, Bush and Moses (2010) angry can harm person in positive and negative way. If any leader is showing angry on their juniors, there is a chance of improvement in their performance Brenner, Bush and Moses (2010). This is a positive side of anger. On the other hand, employees can be de motivated also if leader shows anger in unethical manner Breathing Earth, venting cracks (2013) In addition to this Davis (2012) commented, anger is not just a feeling of human being but a method by which they express their feeling in front of others. Every human being is having anger feeling, but they show in different ways. What can non- expression of anger lead to? As commented by Goodwin (2011), non expression of anger leads to various heart and physiological diseases. One of the major diseases is coronary heart disease. If person is unable in expressing their anger, they may suffer from heart blockage or other heart related problem. Stated Brenner, Bush and Moses (2010) coronary heart disease may block flow of blood form heart to other body part. This may result in severe heart stoke. In addition to this Davis (2012) stated, if leader is not expressing his or her anger to employee. Then after some days leader will get frustrated or irritated regarding work and co workers Goodwin (2011). This irritation or frustration later on can harm business activities of his or her. It was found by Goodwin (2011) in a research, that people who do not express their anger feeling get separated from others. As they do not like they company which later on increase anger level. Expressing anger feeling or emotion in an ethical manner will not harm others Davis . (2012). But if expressed in unethical or aggressive manner will hurt others. What is catharsis? As commented by Holbrow (2013) catharsis is a process of purification of one emotions and feelings. In addition to this () stated, anger is the best to purify their emotions and feelings. Anger if expressed in ethical and proper way, can help human being in purifying their emotions and feelings. In addition to this Holbrow (2013) stated, to live a proper life emotions and feeling should always be pure regarding others. It will help person to work as a group in workplace or in personal life. Suppose a there are two friends among them one is very aggressive and other is opposite to it World Pumps (2011). To continue their friendship for long duration, feeling and emotions should be pure and clear. Commented Krueger (2009) every relationship essential factor is pure and clear feelings. Where do we tend to direct most of our anger? As commented by Avtgis and Rancer (2010) most people direct their anger by two ways constructive aggressiveness or venting aggressiveness. Constructive aggressive help one in expressing their anger in control way, so that no one get hurt. But in case of venting aggressiveness people harm other mentally or physically Quill (2009). They start beating or scolding unnecessarily other people to get relief from their anger stage. This activity of them shows their psychological level disturbance. In contrast to this Bhave and Saini (2009) stated, expressing anger in constructive manner help in maintaining the code of ethics in society. Anger should be expressed to reduce the risk of heart and psychological disease Brenner, Bush and Moses (2010). Suppose there is a group of five employees with two team lead Goodwin (2011). All employees initially were performing well. But later now the performance level of decreased which increased their team lead anger level. So in this case, if team lead s how venting aggressive form of anger employees will be de motivated Goodwin (2011). But if they control their anger and talk calmly with their employees it will affect in positive manner. As stated by Krueger (2009) anger help in solving conflicts whether it was workplace or related to personal life. Anger expression techniques differ person to person. In addition to this Quill (2009) stated, constructive aggressiveness form of anger expression help in positive way. Is it possible to express angry feelings without hurting the other person? Yes, it is possible to express anger without hurting any person. Anger is one best way to express their feelings but in an ethical way. As commented by Goodwin (2011) hurting someone is not the only way of expressing anger feeling or emotion. Angry feeling can be expressed in verbal words without hurting other person Holbrow (2013). It is not necessary to express anger by beating or abusing someone, it can be expressed by control words and acts. Commented Krueger (2009) anger feeling is one of the form by which one express its feeling and emotions in front of others. But it should always be in controlled way so that no one gets hurt from it. If assertion fails to gain a person what he is seeking, what then occurs? If assertion fails to gain a person what one is seeking for, anger can be defused again. In this case, anger can be in context to himself. As stated by Peel (2013), if person is unable to attain what they want regarding career, education, food and etc. They may get anger toward themselves and harm them by their act. Suppose there is a team of ten people and they are unable to achieve their task in given deadline Krueger (2009). The anger level will be high till they achieve their task. If a person is unable in achieving goal or objective in workplace or personal life, they will suffer from anger feeling and emotions. What is seen as being an important part of constructive anger expression? The important part of constructive anger expression is that one holds the responsibility towards its own feelings. In case of constructive ager expression, person feeling is to be controlled by them only. As commented by Peel (2013) person is responsible for controlling their own feeling and emotions are stage of anger. Constructive anger expression is best method used for expressing anger feeling. Stated Quill (2009) anger expression should never mentally or physically hurt others. Why is venting aggressive through aggressive acts not constructive? Commented Quill (2009) venting aggressive through aggressive acts like hitting or beating is not constructive. Constructive acts are those which never harm anyone physically or mentally Goodwin (2011). Every human being should have control on their feeling and emotions. As stated by Brenner, Bush and Moses (2010) if a person in anger stage harms other it is sign of psychological disturbance. No one is having right to harm other. In addition to this Bhave and Saini (2009) commented, there are few people who think that, anger feeling can only expressed by physical or mental aggressiveness. Venting aggressive form is the worst form of expressing ones anger feeling. Stated Avtgis and Rancer (2010) constructive aggressive helps to express in control way with no violence act. How is emotional relief from anger gained? As stated by Avtgis and Rancer (2010) emotional relief from anger gained can only be achieved after expressing it. Suppose manger of any company is suffering from anger regarding workplace environment. Once manager expresses his feeling in front of top management he will not get relief. In addition to this Bhave and Saini (2009) stated, in anger stage emotion relief can only be achieved after expressing or completing the resolution. It was found in a research by Goodwin (2011), people who express their anger live more happily and proper life in comparison of, people who do not express their anger. In workplace expressing anger help in solving conflicts which help in improving performance. Expressing feeling and emotions in front of others are very important. As stated by Avtgis and Rancer (2010), expressing feelings help in releasing bad thoughts and view which disturb mind. References Avtgis, T. and Rancer, A. (2010). Arguments, aggression, and conflict. New York: Routledge. Bhave, S. and Saini, S. (2009). Anger management. New Delhi: SAGE Publications. Black, A. (2011). Catharsis. [S.l.: CreateSpace]. Breathing Earth, venting cracks. (2013). Physics Today. Brenner, G., Bush, D. and Moses, J. (2010). Creating spiritual and psychological resilience. 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