Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Final Exam Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Final Exam - Case Study Example refore, the proper focus on time can help him manage his business very well with regards to the sale of products and services (Turban, Volonino, Wood & Sipior, 2013). b) Growth: the business has been expanding and at times becoming hard for Ted to manage effectively. This is witnessed at the expressed desire by Ted to expand the bicycle repair work. He at one time had to close down the store due to overexpansion. Ensuring ted’s business growth without running into issues such as the overexpansion is significant and requires that Ted strategize his business not to over expand for proper management. c) Operational effectiveness:Ted has a lot to manage as currently he has to manage five stores. Ted has to manage everything from staff to ordering from his suppliers, and even works in one of the stores twice a week in order to save on costs. Therefore, if Ted can better manage his operations, it would help him in expanding his bicycle repairs and get his business to grow (Turban et al., 2013). a) Weather: Ted to has open his business when there is favorable weather to ride any bicycle. During the rainy periods, he has to close down and open during the weekends and during the sunny days he has to open because the weather is favorable. Ted needs information on weather because cycling is deeply affected by weather conditions. b) Advertisement: Ted needs to advertize his business well in order to boost his sales. This is a good strategy as it will enhance his competitiveness with other firms producing similar products and in turn win his clients. He should have information on the best advertisement channel that will reach his targeted market on time without any delays (Turban et al., 2013). The advertising agency should also suit his goods and be cost effective according to his ability. c) Sales: this is basically a vital information Ted has to be updated on. The quantity of sales he should make within a given period of time should be dependent on the demand and

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