Thursday, November 21, 2019

Speed management proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Speed management proposal - Essay Example A general agreement that exists is that injuries on the roads increase because of speed and so objectives of safety and mobility can be conflicting. Globally, over speeding is one hell of a predicament to control in our roadways and is an immense contributor to most of the accidents witnessed both in rural and urban areas by traffic officials and residents. It is a belief by many individuals that eradication of speeding will save people’s lives by driving at a speed that is appropriate (Ioainnoou, 1997, pg 216). A road accident is considered related to over speeding if the driver is charged with an offense of over speeding. Additionally, if a traffic officer who is on the location indicates that the driver at some point was over speeding past the required speed limit when the accident occurred then it became over speeding-related. Road accidents related to over speeding have led to many deaths worldwide and, as a result, the community, and insurance firms have incurred excessi ve costs. Accidents or crash are more likely to happen the faster a driver drives and the higher the risk of getting injuries that are brutal and even loss of life. Accidents and speed relate to another due to a number of dependent factors. For instance, how severe the injury of the occupants of the vehicle involved in a crash is not only determined by the speed that resulted in the collision but also the difference in mass of the two involved vehicles.

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